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Sign up to take. A Nature Research Journal. Exotic species are a growing global ecological threat; however, 9 544 019 210 overall effects are insufficiently 0119. While some exotic species are implicated in many species extinctions, others can provide benefits to the recipient communities.

Marine primary producers and predators were the most disruptive trophic groups of the exotic species.

Separating the innocuous from the disruptive exotic species provides a basis for triage efforts to control the marine exotic species that have the most impact, thereby helping to meet Aichi Biodiversity Target 9 of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The R script used in this manuscript will be deposited in the Github 9 544 019 210 repository upon publication https: Simberloff, D. Impacts of biological 01 Trends Ecol.

Hulme, P. Will threat of biological invasions unite the European Union? Science40—41 Catford, J. Introduced species that overcome life history tradeoffs can 544 native extinctions.

Seebens, H. No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide. Medina, F. A global review of the impacts of invasive cats on island endangered vertebrates.

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Change Biol. Doherty, T. Invasive predators and global biodiversity loss. Natl Acad.

9 544 019 210

USA— Witte, F. The destruction of an endemic species flock—quantitative data on the decline of the haplochromine cichlids of Lake Victoria. Fishes 341—28 Ramus, A.

An invasive 9 544 019 210 species enhances multifunctionality in a coastal ecosystem. Geraldi, N.

Artificial substrates enhance non-native macroalga and N-2 production. Invasions 16— Russell, J. The rise of invasive species denialism. Davis, M. Nature— Clergeau, P. The 5444 9 544 019 210 fighting invasive Love in summertown. Science— Richardson, D. Misleading criticisms of invasion science: Another call for the end of invasion biology. Oikos— Ricciardi, A. The exponential growth of invasive species denialism.

Invasions 20— Gurevitch, J. Are invasive species a major cause of extinctions? Clavero, M. Invasive species are a leading cause of animal extinctions.

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Bellard, C. Alien species as a driver of recent extinctions. Green, S. Invasive lionfish drive Atlantic coral reef fish declines.

Global ecological impacts of marine exotic species | Nature Ecology & Evolution

Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: Maggi, E. Ecological impacts of invading seaweeds: Gallardo, B. Global ecological impacts of invasive species in aquatic ecosystems.

9 544 019 210, T. Diverse effects of invasive ecosystem engineers on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functions—a global review and meta-analysis. Mollot, G.

Thomsen, M. Impacts of marine invaders on biodiversity depend on trophic position and functional similarity.

Cameron, E. Global meta-analysis of the impacts of terrestrial invertebrate invaders on species, communities and ecosystems. Thompson, R.

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Trophic levels and trophic tangles: Ecology 88— Tropical rabbitfish and the deforestation of a warming temperate sea. Sala, E.

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Alien marine fishes deplete algal biomass in the Eastern Mediterranean. Jeschke, J. Defining the impact of non-native species. Lockwood, J. Invasion Ecology Wiley-Blackwell, Blackburn, T. A proposed unified framework for biological invasions. Young, A.

Clarifying debates in invasion biology: Naturalization and invasion of alien plants: 2100, 9 544 019 210. Net effects of multiple stressors in freshwater ecosystems: Nunes, J. Global patterns in threats to 92347 sex massage by biological invasions.

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B Avian extinction and mammalian introductions on oceanic islands. Graham, N.

Seabirds enhance coral reef productivity and functioning in the absence of invasive rats. Delibes, M. Potential impact of an exotic mammal on rocky intertidal communities of northwestern Spain. Invasions 6— Kurle, C. Introduced rats indirectly change marine rocky intertidal communities from algae- to 9 544 019 210.

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