5 Reasons to Set #MakeupGoals In 2017

Let’s face it, sometimes our makeup routines can get stale, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. The easiest way to shake things up this year is to set #MakeupGoals so let’s stop being boring! Make this the year you try contouring for the first time, or at least give bronzer a shot. It’s really up to you what you do, but the only way you will win is if you plan your makeup the same way you would everything else you have going on in this crazy thing called life. Here are five ways you can set and smash makeup goals in the New Year:

1. Build or Remix Your Skin Care Routine

It’s easy to get lazy when you come in exhausted from a long day, or night, but don’t sleep with your makeup on. Be diligent about developing a routine where you’re washing your face at least twice a day, and add exfoliation to the mix. Also think about what your skin might need in the winter (extra hydration, perhaps) vs. other seasons, and be mindful about remembering to switch things up.

2. Learn New Looks and Techniques

Scour Pinterest, Instagram and of course, stylish women around you for inspiration for new looks. Once you decide on the new looks you want to try, figure out ways you can most efficiently make those looks happen. Try using different brushes, or even your finger in some cases. It’s all about finding a technique that works for you.

3. Share Your Looks on Social Media

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Make a YouTube channel, start a blog or use Instagram to showcase your looks and methods. You never know who could benefit from your ideas and vice versa.

4. Add a New Product to Your Repertoire

Don’t be afraid to add new products or use certain products in different ways. If you don’t own any red lipstick then find one that works for your complexion. If you’re a liquid foundation girl then try Cream to Powder Foundation, and consider using liner pencils as lipsticks. There are so many ways you can flip this.

5. #CelebrateYourSkinTone

Celebrating your skin tone should be the most important daily goal! Make sure you set that intension every morning you wake up and prepare to slay your day!