Battle Of The Lipsticks: Are You Matte or Moisture?


Battle Of The Lipsticks: Are You Matte or Moisture? | Featuring IMAN Cosmetics


Hey Loves,

If you follow me on any social media channels you will see that in my bio it states that I’m am a certified “Lipstick Hoarder” and I stand by that. The color you choose to wear completes any makeup look like no other. You can leave eyeliner out or maybe not add as much blush BUT you can’t forget your lips.

When I opened my IMAN Cosmetics package I was so excited to see that there were lipsticks in it. Not only did the entire Luxury Matte Collection come BUT they also included the five Luxury Moisture Lipsticks. I tend to lean towards matte colors when I wear lipstick however I was excited to try the colors in the moisture line (“Hipster” is becoming my everyday color).

The thing I love about the Matte Collection is it isn’t over drying. It goes on nicely and you can layer it with a lip liner for longer wear. The Moisture Collection is perfect. It applies smoothly and the darker colors are super pigmented. The lighter colors don’t show up well on my skin tone (when swatched) but when worn on my lips, they’re pretty visible. I also recommend layering with a lip liner for longer stay.

Check out both lines and which colors are your favorites?

Luxury Matte Lipsticks

Luxury Moisturizing Lipsticks



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