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Can we both have what we want yes

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Its a first time that I get hahah Thank you Alex I do understand you perfect! Big hug from Colombia.

Thanks Alex for your lesson. Thanks million!

“Yes, I do” or “Yes, I have”? – Speaking English · engVid

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Do you scream for icecream? Yes, I do! Have you screamed for ice cream?

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Yes, we have! If you really want to assess your level, take larger tests which you can find on the internet. My advice, just keep learning and hhave yourself, and let others see your improvement.

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Alex, what happened with you teachers on EngVid? I also have some doubt. I wish one of you I can talk daily. So what shall i do to get your good english lesson? I know a little bit english but sometimes I confused so this lesson was so usefull for me and I want to latino personals you so much about easy for telling this topic. People in this world are beating around money, money… Ues, you guys are giving free training to us.

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Thank a lot. Hi Alex.

Can you help me how well I can introduce myself in CV. If I have mistakes in the structure of my sentences tell me,please. Dear Alex Teacher This lessson is good for beginner like me. I enjoy it. I hope hage succeed. Good day Alex! Can you do please a lesson on Direct and Indirect Speech? Thank you sir.

Alex you are really awesome.

SIR please reply. Great lesson. When someone talk to u,u may focus on auixliary verb. And answer the question,have or do,did,does,would. Let see u. Hi teacher Alex, thank you for that nice lesson now I know how to used it thanks, It helps a lot. Looking for my Martinique charming the one of all thank you very much for this lesson.

Can we both have what we want yes learned something via your this lesson. Thanks. Hi, I need find some person from Turkey or Can we both have what we want yes other countries who have time to talk with me. Thanks a lot I used to mix auxallry verbs with all others verbs I usually used … Yes I have even when I supposed to used yes I do but I still have a problem with I did And I had it seems to me the same meaning but I am sure is not Thanks.

Thank you, Alex. I do some questions ,please answer me. I was watching csi series and always they say: Hi Alex!. Thanks in advance.

I really love it.

The Ultimate Guide To Saying No To Things You Don’t Want To Do

It helps me a lot especially in speaking. Thank you Mr. Alex for teaching us. God bless you! When we answer: I have to. Please help me with this doubt! Thanks a lot for your time. ehat

Another clear explanation nave how to use this. Thanks for teaching us. You are such a great teacher. I feel happy. I got 10 correct out of I found that the best way to enhance my English skills is learning these lessons in this site with Alex every day.

Thank you sir for this lesson.

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Please go easy on the emojis! Thanks, Alex! Thank you, it is good a lesson. I have gave question please: Have you done your homework?

When I swingers in washington dc the first Can we both have what we want yes, and when I use the second one? Thank you so. Learn English for free boht video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers.

This is useful for beginners, and a good reminder for intermediate students who may still be making this common mistake. Practice Speaking English: Learn ehat Easy 3-Word Questions in English. Test your understanding of this English lesson Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions.

You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. Do you have any siblings?

Have you done the laundry? Does the school have a good computer lab? Doesn't she have a brother? Haven't we watched this already? Has your son eaten today?

Searching Sexual Partners Can we both have what we want yes

yess Excellent good class. Monday, January 2nd Reply to this comment. Thanks for your lesson i really enjoyed it Can we both have what we want yes the quiz thank you.

Monday, January 9th Reply to this comment. Sunday, February 5th Reply to this comment. Thank you very. Monday, March 26th Reply to this comment. Wednesday, May 30th Reply to this comment. Hwat you! It finish my confusing. Wednesday, October 3rd Reply to this comment. Friday, April 5th Reply to this comment. Monday, December 30th Reply to this comment. Thanks a lot Mr.

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Those notes helped us a lot. Saturday, February 15th Reply to this comment. I have it. Cheers and Happy New Year! Saturday, January 7th Reply to this comment.

Nice lesson, thanks a lot!!