5 Reasons Chloe x Halle Are Killing the Game

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Chloe and Halle are two beauties we absolutely adore! The duo recently released their newest song, “I Say So” and reminded us all over again that they are killing the game. Here are 5 reasons we are smitten with Chloe and Halle

1. They Slay

They are effortlessly fly from head to toe, but with Beyonce as a mentor, it’s obvious that they’re learning from the best.

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2. Their Music

The duo garnered a massive following by recreating popular songs on YouTube, with an acoustic twist. Nowadays they put out original music where they sing their hearts out. Their music often sounds as if they are standing on a mountaintop serenading the world.

3. Their Hair

It’s uncommon to see women in the mainstream spotlight wearing dreadlocks yet Chloe and Halle do it with no fear and they showcase the various styles that loc’d hair is capable of.

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4. Keeping It Positive

They spread love and positivity.

5. They’re Multitalented


Chloe and Halle can obviously sing, but they will also flex their acting chops on Grownish, the soon to air spinoff of Blackish.