A Lesson on Global Beauty with IFA Paris


"Finally or too late?" is the way MBA Professor Sisi Johnson started her Seminar "Multiculturalism in the Beauty Industry". In collaboration with IMAN Cosmetics who she previously teamed up with on the BB cream campaign, Johnson and IFA Paris fashion school joined forces with us for this exclusive MBA Perfumery & Cosmetics Management program  to decipher and analyze global beauty as well as the industry new-found interest for diversity.


“The course has enabled me to become an all-rounded individual and helped me gain confidence to apply the new skills that I have learnt at my prospective workplace.” - said Mugdha Kalawatia from India.

An all-girl class of young women from Iran, India and Eastern Europe discussed colorism across cultures, the importance and impact of terminology in the beauty world, misrepresentation, cultural appropriation and the specifics of catering to multicultural beauty consumers. 

We at IMAN Cosmetics are thrilled to feature IFA Paris students’ interpretation of our “Celebrate Your Skin Tone” campaign produced with the creative guidance of MBA Global Fashion Media alumnus Karim Kurdi. Have you ever sat down and ponder on what "beauty" or "Multi-cultural" beauty means to you? While you think about it, here are some other key learnings from the class:

Contributors: Cameri and Roza

This group created a social media campaign that encapsulates "Celebrate Your Skin Tone" and represents a current image of IMAN Cosmetics. 

Model: Hailing from Nepal, Cameri (@ca_lo_) has lived and studied in Belgium and the UK, she is currently pursuing a MBA in Perfume & Cosmetics Management at IFA Paris . 

Hair & Make Up: Roza Salahshour @rose_essence

Photography: Ludovic Delespierre

What we love: The clean look, simple composition and the model’s olive complexion look stunning. Cameri’s background and journey also beautifully encapsulates IMAN Cosmetics’ current image and brand DNA.

What Cameri & Roza learned:  “Throughout the course Iman and Ms Johnson encouraged us to use our multicultural backgrounds to carve a competitive advantage in the beauty industry.”



This group focused on the importance of location and model skin tones. 

Model 1: Originally from Senegal, Mariam @baryum_ma was born in France. She has also lived and worked in the UK and Taiwan.

Model 2Daniela from Colombia @estiletocote sees beauty as an extension of her personality.

What we love: Kava & Swetha picked Musée Rodin, an historical French museum as a location along with beautiful models from Africa and Latin America. Though sensitive to controversy around his work, Rodin refused to change his style. This campaign gorgeously portrays the importance of embracing your uniqueness.

What Kavya & Swetha learned: “We’ve realized the importance of celebrating individuality.” Student Chetna Pradhan from India explained: “This project resonated with us on multiple levels. Professionally – given the relevance of multiculturalism in the cosmetics industry, where companies and media finally are giving more attention to all skin types. On a personal level – we all have felt insecure at times because of our imperfections and have felt pressured to conform to society "acceptable" beauty standards. In the end, regardless of our shade or color of our skin tone, we embrace and celebrate our natural looks as authentic beauty.”


Other Learnings/Quotes:

“This project has been a learning experience on how important is a woman’s self-acceptance and self-love. We learnt that millennials are not afraid to speak about their skin tone & beauty when they perceive there’s a sincere, honest “listener” to their story and their skin needs, be it someone or a brand.” shared Linda Tarvida from Latvia

“This initiativeis one of its kind fundamentally because in spite of a plethora of cosmetic giants out there; few have devoted time and an empathetic ear to what women of all complexions look for like IMAN Cosmetics.“- said student Sanchari Ghatak.


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Special thanks to Christian Kittery and Jean-Baptiste Andreani


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