Meet CEO and Luxury Designer Kendall Miles, Newest #MelaninArmy Member

Collaborating with game changers in all categories, we aim to share the stories of up and coming influencers who make in impact in the world, while loving their melanin! First up, Kendall Miles. 

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of CEO and shoe designer? Meet Kendall Reynolds, Design Director and CEO of Kendall Miles Designs. As the intro to our series, "Beauty of Business" and addition to our campaign #CelebrateYourSkinTone,  we are taking our Melanin Army to all new heights.

At age 23, Kendall Reynolds is already a standout in the shoe industry, receiving high praise from professionals in the field.

Meet Kendall: THE DESIGNER

 Kendall Miles wearing IMAN Cosmetics Lip Shimmer in Debutante

Kendall Miles wearing IMAN Cosmetics Lip Shimmer in Debutante

Born and raised on  #SouthsideChicago, Kendall started Kendall Miles Designs while at her alma mater, University of Southern California after a breakup during her sophomore year. She then began to sketch designs (with no previous experience) which led to her mom pitching her brand and it was magic from there. 

Kendall approaches the fashion industry from a unique perspective, seeing her products as more art pieces than mere accessories:

"It is not necessarily the fashion that intrigues me about this industry, but rather, the transformation that takes place when a woman slips into the shoes she's been longing for. Shoes are unique in that they are a form of communication, they represent dreams and emotions. A pair of shoes can transform a woman's personality, attitude, character and movement as she walks."

She is committed to maintaining true to couture standards, with all products hand-made in Italy and all designs hand sketched by Kendall herself. As she continues to prosper, she finds inspiration in those who have come before her.

As part of this series, we are taking a peek into Kendall's world. Join us as we take you from her PR showroom, a tour around her design studio and home, to exclusive view of her shoe factory in Italy! If you missed her Instagram Story, catch up with the video below and follow @IMANCosmetics for all updates and @TheKendallMiles to see her collection. 

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