HerStory: Amanda Spann's CultureCrush App Has Diasporic Dating On Lock

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You know we love girl bosses here at IMAN Cosmetics! The girl bosses we admire are innovative, smart, fly and definitely know how to fill a niche like a savvy entrepreneur should, just like our very own, Iman! 

That being stated, meet Amanda Spann, co-founder of the CultureCrush app, formerly known as AfriDate! Spann and her silent business partner launched the app as AfriDate last year with the intention of incorporating culture-specific dating experiences for people of African descent around the world. Think of it like this: Are you looking for an African-American in Paris? Perhaps you're Igbo in America looking to connect with other Igbo people. In other words, you can search by nationality, ethnicity, and tribe Get it? Good!


This year, Spann and her silent partner rebranded the app and it's now known as CultureCrush, and there are some new features you should know about like searching by tribe. Nearly 1,000 tribes have been added from across the continent of Africa. Another new addition is the matchmaker feature where friends can refer matches to each other in-app. See someone come across your feed who's perfect for your girl? Then go ahead and suggest them to one another simply by pressing a button. The suggested matches will then show up in each other's feeds with a note citing your recommendation. What also sets this app apart is that the interactions are more genuine.  

"We didn’t want the app to be a place where users would hoard matches for sport or a playground for ghosting. So, to ensure that users are continually engaged, we’ve imposed a 72-hour countdown on messaging matches," Spann tells Melanin Circle. "If neither party messages the other within 72 hours of matching, they lose the match." 

Sounds like it's a winner! Be sure to download CultureCrush for iPhone or Android and follow them on Instagram via @CultureCrushApp


In other news, we had to find out what makes our featured boss babe tick! We got the dish on her favorite beauty routine and what songs go into her #beautymixtape, you know, music that gets her amped for a day of slayage!

"When I'm headed out on a date I like to turn down and then turn up. I start off with a lavender bath to mellow myself out, followed by a full body butter lather. After that, I kick it up a notch and prepare to bring my full self to the table."

Here's what's in her playlist right now:

Drake - "Nice for What"  


Trina - "Told Ya'll"


Kehlani - "Crazy"

Voice - "Year For Love"

Erphaan Alves - "Overdue" 

Ashanti - "Say Less" 

Kes - "Hello"  


Young Paris - "One Time"