Shakeira Ebanks-Lawson



Shakeira Ebanks


Phoenix, Arizona


Black and Hispanic (caymanian)

What is your favorite IMAN Cosmetics product?

     Liquid luxury foundation and the new luxury concealing foundation

What are 3 general beauty products you can live without?

I cannot live without foundation, highlight and bronzer!

How long have you been an influencer and what made you become one?

    I've been an influencer for a little over 2 years now. I started my love for makeup when I was 6    years old and eventually started doing makeup and hair on all my friends and family in elementary and just recently I decided to start my own freelance business which has been an amazing adventure! 

What is your fav beauty tip?

My fave beauty tip would be is it's good to have the extreme glam here and there but it's also even better when you wear less to still look yourself :) 

IMAN Cosmetics looks:

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