Kristina Rouse


Kristina Rouse


Portland, Oregon


 Japanese and German

 Favorite IMAN Cosmetics product?

The Luxury Lip Shimmers!

 3 general beauty products you cant live without?

Mascara, Brow Pencils, Lip gloss or Lipstick

How long have you been an influencer and what made you become one?

I've been an influencer for the past two years. I became one because I love sharing and reviewing all the different products that the beauty industry comes out with. There's always new innovations and ideas, and it's fun to experiment and share that with others in the beauty community.

Favorite beauty tip?

I like to use a clear mascara or a brow gel on my flyaway hairs on the top of my head! I've found it works better than hairspray at keeping them down all day and it's easy to carry around in my bag!

How would you describe your skin-tone/melanin?

 My skin tone gets pretty light in the winter but I get really tan in the summer! I also have neutral undertones.


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